About Vestas aircoil

The original company “Vestas” was founded in 1946.
We developed the world first charge air cooler for Burgmeister and Wain in 1956 (now MAN Diesel A/S).
In 1985 cooling towers were included in our product range as the Danish company “Wacond” was bought.
Vestas aircoil A/S became independent in 1986 where “Vestas aircoil” was divided from the original “Vestas” group.


In 1995 we joined the “Genua Group”, which is a privately owned investment group.Traditional maker of charge air coolers and heat exchangers

To meet requirements from smaller 2 stroke engines Vestas developed a compack air cooler design in 1998 for smaller diesel engines.

Heat exchangers and site services/retubing was included in our range of products in 2005. This was to give ship owners an extra service and use our expertise within charge air coolers for other heat exchanger areas.

In 2006 Vestas aircoil celebrated our 50th anniversary selling charge air coolers.

Vestas cooling technology (Suzhou) was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of Vestas aircoil A/S.

In 2007 we started a service concept for cooling towers and other heat exchangers.